Capacity building and technology transfer

Technology transfer and capacity building are central elements of the Millennium Seed Bank Partnership. Through engaging with partners in capacity building this ensures that seeds are collected and banked to the highest quality.

Recording GPS coordinates to fill in essential field data. Credit: Luis Salazar.

Capacity building, the transferring of knowledge and skills, is approached through various means:

  • Training in seed conservation

  • Hosting of placement students and visiting researchers

  • Encouraging partners to share expertise amongst themselves via establishing platforms for them to do so, such as project facebook groups

  • Technical support for development of seed conservation facilities, provided to collaborators and partners. This includes building new seed banks or developing current facilities, for example by designing and building new dry rooms

  • Providing equipment from smaller items such as collecting bags and hygrometers through medium items, e.g. our MSBP blue drum dryer kits to larger items such as drying units

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