National Seed Conservation Programmes

Past seed conservation projects across the Millennium Seed Bank Partnership by country
Project TitleCountry
1000 Species ProjectAustralia
Afromontane Flora Conservation Programme for Eastern AfricaKenya, Tanzania, Uganda
Boyaca Seed Bank ProjectColombia
Bunchy top virus mitigation: screening wild bananas for resistanceVietnam
C4 projectAustralia, Israel
Challenge grant programme with CPCUnited States of America
Collecting and conserving the endemic flora of the Cantabrian mountainsSpain
Collecting crop wild relatives in Nepal Nepal
Collecting native Slovakian flora - ArcadiaSlovakia
Conserving Thailand's crop wild relatives through ex situ conservation and useThailand
Conserving the endemic flora of EthiopiaEthiopia
Conserving the native flora of SlovakiaSlovakia
Conserving the rare and endangered plants of AustriaAustria
Conserving the regional flora of ItalyItaly
Embrapa - Training in ConservationBrasil
Ex situ conservation of the Portuguese floraPortugal
Ex situ Conservation Programme for the Pyrenees flora: West PyreneesSpain
Pacifics Programme - ShafranNew Zealand
Saving the endemic and endangered flora of Baja California, MexicoMexico
Saving the flora of the CaucususArmenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia
Seed collecting and preservation activities in the Austrian counties of Styria and CarinthiaAustria
Seed collecting in mountain areas of ItalyItaly
Seed conservation in the Ligurian and Maritime AlpsItaly
South Africa Arcadia collectingSouth Africa
South Africa Gnodde collectingSouth Africa