The Data Warehouse

MSBP portal for seed collections data

Selected seed collections mapped in the MSBP Data Warehouse. Credit: RBG, Kew.

06 March 2019 - Monthly refresh complete, new and updated seed collections data are now available

Which data are available?

Data available depends entirely on the policies of each participating MSB partner. Data falls into three main categories:

Seed accession data: Default data includes Donor seed bank accession numbers; locality and collector; sampling methodology; verified identification; and an estimate of seed quantities.

Germination test data: Any associated germination test data of the above accessions can be offered through the MSBP Data Warehouse. This includes information on all germination tests carried out on material thus far duplicated to the Millennium Seed Bank.

Georeferenced data: Non-sensitive species may include geographic co-ordinates data that can be mapped in the Data Warehouse using the built-in BRAHMS online mapping tools. Publication of co-ordinates data is at partners' discretion.

X-ray images: X-ray images from selected seed collections are available, including advanced zoom functionality. A small sample of each seed collection is X-rayed on arrival at the MSB. Seeds which are empty or infested can be identified and the data can be used as the basis of a preliminary assessment of collection quality.

IUCN threat categories: Over 2,000 species in the Data Warehouse have an IUCN red list category. IUCN threat categories and criteria are located in the Botanical Records table and collections can be attributed different colours in the mapping interface according to their threat category.

How can I get access to the Data Warehouse?

Access to the data, species and collections base lists and member resources is available to staff from organisations within the MSBP (Millennium Seed Bank Partnership). To register please click on 'Register' in the top right hand corner of your screen and follow the instructions. If you have any questions please email your MSB coordinator, or the MSBP administration team.

How often is the Data Warehouse refreshed?

Data Warehouse seed accessions data, as well as species and collections base lists, are refreshed monthly.

How can I share data via the Data Warehouse?

If you would like to assist a global conservation network and contribute towards the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC) target 7 by sharing your seed collections data with the MSB, please get in touch! Email the MSBP administration team