Samara, the international newsletter of the Millennium Seed Bank Partnership

Samara provides information and inspiration for Millennium Seed Bank Partnership (MSBP) partners and a flavour of the successes of the Partnership. Samara is available as a PDF.

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Samara Issues

Issue 39 December 2023

The theme of this issue is seed conservation innovations.

Samara 39 English Edition (pdf)

Issue 38 December 2022

The theme of this issue is rare and/or threatened.

Samara 38 English Edition (pdf)

Issue 37 December 2021

The theme of this issue is contributions to national and/or global conservation initiatives.

Samara 37 English Edition (pdf)

Issue 36 November 2020

This is a special issue celebrating the 20th anniversary of the MSB and the MSBP.

Samara 36 English Edition (pdf)

Issue 35 August - September 2020

The theme of this issue is The Global Tree Seed Bank Programme.

Samara 35 English Edition (pdf)

Issue 34 July - December 2018

The theme of this issue is Seed use and distribution.

Samara 34 English Edition (pdf)

Issue 33 January - July 2018

The theme of this issue is data and technology.

Samara 33 English Edition (pdf)

Issue 32 July - December 2017

The theme of this issue is islands.

Samara 32 English Edition (pdf)

Issue 31 January - June 2017

The theme of this issue is plant assessments and red listing.

Samara 31 English Edition (pdf)

Issue 30 August 2016 - January 2017

The theme of this issue is alpine species.

Samara 30 English Edition (pdf)

Issue 29 January – July 2016

The theme of this issue is trees.

Samara 29 English Edition (pdf)

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