The Useful Plants Project online database

Useful Plants Project Workshop delegates 22-24 July 2014

The Useful Plants Project began in June 2007 and has grown from a proposal made to Kew's Millennium Seed Bank by a philanthropist based in Spain. The name MGU reflects the generous support provided by this philanthropist for the work of the Useful Plants Project.

The project is managed by Kew's Seed Conservation Department (SCD) through the Millennium Seed Bank Partnership in Botswana, Kenya, Mali, Mexico and South Africa. Many inhabitants of these countries depend directly on natural vegetation for everyday needs such as food, medicine, fuel and building materials. Plants are faced with a range of threats that include climate change, over-exploitation, shortage of water, habitat loss and invasion of exotic species.

This online resource provides details of some of the species which are important to the Project as well as alll of the data which have been collected with regards to Useful species in the five partner countries.