The Millennium Seed Bank Partnership

The Data Warehouse - the data portal of the MSBP online

The Data Warehouse offers a tool for MSBP partners to further support the planning of seed collection programmes and offers data to assist in undertaking effective seed germination testing.

We are very mindful of the sensitive nature of some of the data associated with certain seed collections. Access to the primary data held within the MSBP Data Warehouse is therefore restricted to members of the MSBP Data Warehouse Users Group. Instructions on how to register as a member of this group can be found here. Registered DWUG members are able to search and map the available collections made by Partners across the MSBP, analyse the available germination test data and quality measures such as seed counts and name verifications.

The amount of data available on the MSBP Data Warehouse continues to grow and we are encouraging MSB Partners to contribute to this database using a standard Data Provider Agreement. The MSBP Data Warehouse is powered by an underlying BRAHMS database which is compiled and managed on our secure servers at Kew. A Data Schema is available to guide transfer of accession and test data from institutional databases. Separate instructions for data providers are available for those partners wishing to use this service to upload their data.

Origin of the data

The MSBP Data Warehouse includes seed accession and test data from material conserved across the Millennium Seed Bank Partnership that satisfy a number of criteria:

    1.   Has already been duplicated at the Millennium Seed Bank;
    2.   Has previously been collected with MSBP support but is not yet duplicated at the Millennium Seed Bank; or
    3.   Has otherwise been collected and is effectively conserved in-country but is available to support the 25% collection target.

The database will eventually include selected data from every seed accession held by contributing partners. This will include every accession currently held by the Millennium Seed Bank itself.

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